Ultimaker mods

On 13-02-2012, in 3d printing, Projects, by erwin

What are the first things you make with an Ultimaker? Improvements for the Ultimaker of course!

Improving Z-axis end stop accuracy

Z-axis end switch fine adjustment, created by GeneralRulofDumb for fine tuning the point where the head touches the plateau.

NOTE: this will require an extra hole to be drilled in the backplane of the printer.
The hole is drilled at the same distance as the distance between the slits and should be in the middle of the slit. PS. Hold your Dremel tight, otherwise the hole will grow too large.

Improving cooling

Ultimaker Fan Shroud V3, created by cello-ch for improving the airflow of the cooling. The supplied cooling case does a reasonable good job, but it came apart and ruined one of the prints.

This might be the next improvement here.

Improving plateau stability

I lost one of the springs of the plateau support screws, so I used a nylock bolt instead. This turned out to work much better than the springs, so I removed all springs and replaced them with nylock bolts (and washers, so the screws can still be turned to fine tune the level of the plateau).


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