Ultimaker has arrived

On 24-01-2012, in 3d printing, Projects, by erwin

The Ultimaker 3d printer kit has been delivered. Due to a shortage of supply, I now have a roll of orange PLA instead of the magenta, but I just ordered magenta (pink) because it was in stock at the time of ordering. It will probably be used on testruns (and I love orange, so my day was good).

I think I will take a week of holiday early February, give it a paintjob and start assembling.


2 Responses to Ultimaker has arrived

  1. cha says:

    Lucky you 🙂

    I ordered mine 10th December and I cannot stand the wait anymore… When did you ordered yours ?

  2. erwin says:

    I ordered mine around the same time. I am in the same country, maybe that makes a little difference in shipping times.
    I made a suggestion to the Ultimaker team that it would be nice to have more status updates on the order. (When the order is shipped for example.) Suddenly this box appeared at my house…