Ultimaker firmware tests

On 20-02-2012, in 3d printing, Projects, by erwin

I had some problems with fills not reaching the edge of the print, so I did some testing with the available firmware versions. I took a “random” file from thingiverse (Dutch handcuff key), generated a gcode file and printed that same gcode file on three different firmware versions.

5D: good quality, takes 11 minutes.
Sprinter build 1: reasonable quality, takes 11 minutes.
Marlin build 3: poor quality, takes 7 minutes.

The speed of Marlin distorts the print. I can grok that. The difference in quality between the default 5D and the Sprinter firmware I cannot explain yet.

I will do some more testing with different files to print and do more firmware comparison (adjust feedrate with Marlin for example).
For now, I am back to the default 5D, as I need to do some quality jobs first.


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