The story sofar on the Enigma-E

On 06-05-2009, in Enigma, Projects, by erwin

In February I bought an Enigma-E kit at the interesting Jan Corver museum during their exibition “Geheime Berichten” (Secret Messages). The electronic kit will become a fully functional electronic representation of an Enigma coding computer. More on the kit can be found here.

After a some defect components (MOSFET’s are sensitive to static charge, ground your soldering iron) that were replaced without any problem by the creator of the kit, the Enigma-E works like a charm!

Now for the case…

Most people screw the PCB’s directly in the wooden case. Nah, it should look more authentic than that. 🙂 It is however an electronic device. opposite to the mechanical-electrical original Enigma. The case should reflect this. I decided to go for an authentic wooden exterior and a modern, plexiglass interior. Right, now all I had to do, was learn how to model plexiglass. Fortunately, there are some good tutorials on this (sorry, only in Dutch).

The interior will be created from one piece of smoked plexiglass, creating the black look of the original and forming a solid frame. (There is no “official” original, the Enigma has been built in a number of forms and shapes.) After three nights of measuring, marking, remeasuring and remarking, I determined the correct place for the holes for screws, plugs, keys and lights.

Plexiglass frame

The PCB will be attached to the plexiglass by spacers. This means that the keys will have to be extended by small (plexiglass) tubes that cannot fall out if the case is held upside-down.


The lights (LED’s) displaying the encoded or decoded letter will be enhanced by partly drilled holes. Partly drilling the hole will result in a small pit in the shape of the drill. It will be a round, cone-shaped pit in the plexiglass. Lighted from below by the LED, it will yield a beautiful result.


As you can see, I drilled the one-before-last pit way too deep, resulting in a true hole. This was after about 498 drillings of the required 500 holes…


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