Sous-vide cooker v1.0

On 11-05-2014, in Molecular Gastronomy, Projects, by erwin

The code for the sous-vide cooker has reached version 1.0 and can be found on

  • The left-right arrow keys move the cursor.
  • The up-down arrow keys increase/decrease the value under the cursor.
  • The top-right button starts/stops the timer.
  • The middle-right button resets the time to 00:00:00 if the timer is stopped.
  • The bottom-right button is a panic button that starts/stops the pump, heater and timer. Values can still be changed using the arrow keys.

The prototype PCB had a minor defect (connecting an LCD with 4 data pins requires the upper 4 data lines, not the lower 4 lines). It required some extra soldering on the proto board and is fixed in the 1.0 version of the design.


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