Some more design choices

On 06-05-2009, in Enigma, Projects, by erwin

The Enigma-E is equipped with five jumpers for controlling various settings (sound on/off, verbose logging, morse/rs-232, etc.). These jumpers will be replaced by regular lever switches on the top of the plexiglass, next to the power switch. Also, the rs-232 port will consist of a regular 9-pin sub-D female connector.

The plexiglass frame will be bend in two places. A 90 degree angle from back to top and a 45 degree angle from “steckerbrett” to top. The height of the back is 60 mm, the allowance for the 90 degree curve is 10 mm, the length of the top is 185 mm (165 mm for the main PCB and 20 mm for the various switches), the steckerbrett is 85 mm (roughly the size of the hypotenuse of a triangle with sides of 60 mm). The width is 172 mm, the exact width of the PCB.

The holes are

  • 3 mm for the screws of the spacers
  • 5 mm for the lever switches
  • 8 mm for the keys, LED pits and plugs
  • 13 mm for the power connector
  • 10 x 20 mm for the sub-D connector

The position of the main PCB is 20 mm from the 10 mm allowance. The position of the steckerbrett PCB is 10 mm from the bottom.


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