New plexiglass, new chances

On 06-05-2009, in Enigma, Projects, by erwin

Together with the smoked plexiglass, I ordered some clear and bright orange plexiglass as well. Now I screwed up the smoked (I will be ordering some more), I decided to continue with the bright orange one.

I was not looking forward to three more nights of measuring, marking and remeasuring again. Then an idea hit me. In the kit is a template for the component placement on the PCB. What if I copied it, scaled it and transferred it to the plexiglass? It turns out that the A3-size template has to be scaled down by 73.117% to get an exact, real-life match. 73% is close enough and readily available on most copiers. 🙂

Scaled template

Transferring proved to be a challenge, so I punched small holes in the paper and after fixing the paper to the plexiglass, used a black marker to place marks at the exact spots. This works like a charm and can be done in about 1 hour.

Transferred marks

I was too tired to start drilling and had a number of blogposts to write. Drilling will be done this weekend.


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