On 17-05-2009, in Enigma, Projects, by erwin

It is raining cats and dogs, so I can spend some more time on the keys of the Enigma-E. The plan was to cut two tubes, one with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 10 mm and one with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 10 mm. 

The hole for the key is 8 mm, so the tube of 10 mm will prevent the key from falling out, while the tube of 8 mm will fit through the hole and stick out above the surface of the frame. If the tube of 8 mm has a length of 3 mm, it will be as thick as the frame and not stick out.


This proves quite a lot of work, as cutting the tubes is not as easy as it sounds. But is worth the effort.

On a side note, the rocker switches have been attached to the steckerbrett using a bit of flatcable.


The keys look like this.

some keys

3 mm key close-up

10 mm key close-up

I really like the 3 mm tubes for the configuration keys. They will not stick out above the frame. The alphabet keys should stick out, but 10 mm is perhaps a bit much. I will try to fix a 10 mm disk with the required character on top of it, so it resembles a typewriter key.

For the tubes, I am going to scout various shops for suitable material, as I definitely do not look forward to cutting 35 x 2 tubes like this…


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