Keys (2)

On 03-05-2010, in Enigma, Projects, by erwin

Last year, I wrote that I was going to scout for suitable material. As it turns out, a friend works at a shop where they have some nifty milling machines, capable of handling carbon fiber and plexiglass. He was more than willing to create the individual key parts, if I didn’t mind to wait…

Well, it was worth the time. The new keys are beautiful!

From left to right, the first key from last year, the second key from last year (both constructed from simple disks of plexiglass), the lower part from the new key with hole, the upper part from the new key with pin that fits the hole, the end result after applying some glue.

The end result looks like this:
keys installed

With a close-up:
keys installed (closeup)

The final bit is mounting the RS-232 connector, which will require cutting the last hole in the orange plexiglass. This company can ship pre-cut aluminium and plexiglass front panels, with all holes, cuts and engravings to your design. I will create a design and calculate the cost for an Enigma-E.


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