A bright orange day

On 16-05-2009, in Enigma, Projects, by erwin

I spent the better part of today drilling holes in the new plexiglass.

As it turns out, they are beautifully aligned!

orange holes

Now for bending the plaxiglass… Various sources on Internet suggest a temperature of approximately 150 degrees C. Hmmm, our toaster feels like 200 degrees, so that should work! Holding one side of the the plexiglass above the slit for about 30 seconds and then the other side, the plexiglass becomes soft and bendable.




Now let’s cool it a bit and put the circuit board in. As it turns out, the holes for the rocker switches are a bit deformed by the heating. It is best to drill these holes after bending.


And turn it on…


Next, I will have to attach the rocker switches to the steckerbrett and the powerplug to the main board. I will also experiment with shorter spacers for the steckerbrett (10 mm in stead of 15 mm), so the connectors will be more accessible.

The last details are the plexiglass keys, a job I am not looking forward to. Fortunately, these keys will be recyclable when I change the plexiglass frame.

And then of course the wooden exterior case…


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